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Dolphin Secure Kinderschutzsoftware

Dolphin Secure is both a parental control software and online platform for children. The unique combination of an innovative login process and child friendly websites allows children to surf without danger within the protected Dolphin Secure environment. The parental control software works with four coherent components:

  • The Software (installed on the computer)
  • The Upek® Fingerprint Reader (for identifying the user)
  • The Social Community (as the central point of all online activities)
  • The Parental Dashboard (settings and control of the communication functions of children)

Safer Surfing – easy for kids

The necessary software is downloaded and installed on your computer.

This software is a requirement to use the Upek® fingerprint reader and to limit the computer’s network accesses by password. In order to use communicative functions in the children’s community, such as the chat, an authentification by fingerprint is required. It is also possible to set a password for the children. By entering the password, however, the children may only use the non-communicative functions around safer web-surfing: the child-friendly search engine, the children’s favorite websites and surf tips of the Dolphin Secure editors. The children’s password will be chosen together with an adult.

Dolphin Secure Kinderschutzsoftware

How it works

The Dolphin Secure login works via the Upek® fingerprint reader. The obtained scanning data is stored locally via a cryptographic hash function as template on the user’s computer. This process makes a reconstruction of the fingerprint impossible. While logging in to the Dolphin Secure children’s community only encrypted data is synchronized via a secure connection. At no time biometric data will be transmitted over the Internet.

For a complete secure system, a filter driver is installed that verifies, and may blocks, the outgoing communication. This is a Transport Driver Interface (TDI), an interface that is used between the file system drivers and the transport protocol and allows any TDI-compliant protocol to communicate with the file system drivers. The version of Mac OS X uses a kernel module with similar functionality.

Dolphin Secure Kinderschutzsoftware

Secure for the child, easy for the parents

After a successful installation, the Dolphin Secure parental control software is immediately activated. The program can never be disabled via the Task Manager. An uninstallation is possible only by entering the parent’s password.

In the password-protected parental dashboard ​​the settings for the child accounts may be configured. The individual configuration options vary: Parents can decide with whom their child may be friends online and by which user group it may be contacted (e.g. girls aged 6-10).

Ongoing web and friend requests always need to be confirmed by the parents. Requests of children (e.g. websites or friend requests) from the children’s community are shown on the startpage of the parental dashboard.

Within the Dolphin Secure children’s community, children stay among themselves. The system is closed and may not be entered without a successful identification. All interactions with other children within the community as well as changes on the user’s profile are only possible after authentication by the Upek® fingerprint reader.

Thanks to this identification process – via the combination of fingerprint verification and the children’s individual account – no one can join the network anonymously.

Kinder Community

An individual, secure website for each child

After successful login, the child is automatically redirected to the start page of the Dolphin Secure children’s community – which is also a personal site for the kids. Here the child gets an overview of all interactive features within the Dolphin Secure Children’s World. Dolphin secure is more than a social network just for children, it also eases the safe surfing, e.g. by a list of favorite websites and the internet search engine for children. The up-to-date surf tips from the Dolphin Secure editors provide the children constantly with new exciting kids websites.

White- and Blacklists

Dolphin Secure comes with so-called white- and blacklists. This integrated rights management system determines which websites children are allowed to visit and which not. When a child enters a url in the browser bar, the software checks the status (allowed or prohibited) of that page automatically. A distinction is made between four lists:

  1. The system-wide whitelist: checked and approved websites of the Dolphin Secure editors.
  2. The system-wide blacklist: Here the so-called referrers are managed primarily. Herewith related links to non-child-friendly websites are blocked. In addition, all major ad servers are listed here. This keeps the web search via Dolphin Secure, as far as technically possible, ad-free.
  3. The personal whitelist: Children may complement the system-wide whitelist by personal favorite websites. This requests the confirmation of the parents.
  4. The individual blacklist: Parents can remove the websites selected and allowed by Dolphin Secure at any time.

The handling of the lists is created to focus on a simple and intuitive design. Basically, the decisions and the websites selection of the parents, thus the individually maintained lists, come with a higher priority as those of Dolphin Secure.

System requirements

Dolphin Secure requires a web compatible computer with a current Windows operating system (Windows XP or later) or Mac OS X (10.6 or higher), a free USB slot for the Upek® fingerprint reader and a one-time administrative permission for the installation. The Dolphin Media Germany AG i.A. is also Germany’s only provider of a mac-compatible child protection software.

Note: Dolphin Secure ist currently distributed in German to german-speaking countries, such as Germany, Austria and Switzerland, only.